Why The Whole Realm Tweeted for #GameOfThrones


The long anticipated S4 premiere of Game of Thrones was both the most watched and the most social HBO episode to date.

It aired to 6.6M viewers, taking home the title for most watched HBO episode from the Sopranos 2007 finale.

On Social Media, it ranked 3rd on Nielsen’s Twitter Ratings list for the week. The hash tag #GameOfThrones and the direct account mentions alone brought in over 455K interactions on April 6th, and that number does not even include #TwoSwords, #GameOfThronesSeason4 and #TakeTheThrone.

There is no doubt that the social strategy for HBO production shows as a whole set the standards for social TV. Just the bridge campaign between Season3 and Season4 of GoT kept me on edge for almost a year.

But why do we bother (myself included) pulling out our tablets and typing up how we feel about the show while watching? Some (yes, myself still included), go that extra mile and look up the hash tag to see how others are reacting to the episode as it is airing.

Second screen viewing as it best.

It is, in part, because the social team behind Game of Thrones have clever posts like this:

The other, more crucial part to the show’s social media success is this: Game of Thrones is just that good.

Just like the viewership would not have been as high had the show been poorly executed with bad acting and – let’s face it – a lot less downtown action, no social media heights would have been reached either.

Despite the lack of a fact based research proving the link between viewership and mentions, these type of examples do strongly suggest that good TV = good social engagement.

It still starts with traditional media.

#AllTimeGreats – Pelé and Cristiano Ronaldo in Emirates Airline Advert


Loving this advert for Emirates Airline and even more the clever social strategy behind it.

The airline recently joined Twitter as @Emirates on March 26th. They worked with a strong exposure plan among which welcome tweets from partnership clubs like AC Milan, Arsenal and Hamburger SV and maintained a solid and consistent approach to interaction with the growing followers.

The account amassed 40K followers in 10 days, and to a verified account mind you, but the big bang was the release of the #AllTimeGreats advert using their recent Global Ambassadors Pelé and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The publicity is already at 1M views since its release on March 28th and was complimented by a great social strategy. Using the hash tag #AllTimeGreats, Emirates first released a series of teaser images on Twitter hinting that a big release was coming.

The same hash tag was then added at the end of the video. The YouTube link was also tweeted by recognized sports names with Emirates sponsorship among which Cristiano Ronaldo, Pelé, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Arsenal as well as relevant local accounts like Dubai Media Office.

The airline’s presence on Twitter with the #AllTimeGreats promotion comes right in time for the FIFA World Cup 2014 to which Emirates is the Official Worldwide Partner.

Rewind two years back to 2012, Turkish airlines had also called on brand ambassadors Kobe Bryant and Messi for their “Legends on Board” advert but the social leg to the campaign was not as strong.


New Vine Messages and What It Means for Brands



vvineVine has been introducing some small changes here and there since the platform launched.

We’ve seen subtle design and feature updates, like filtering between reposts and user content,moving segments around when creating a video and being able to save clips for later.

Vine Messages is the first change that introduces a new form of interaction. Users are now able to send 6 second videos as private messages to a selected list of contacts. The inbox is divided between messages received from “Friends”, as in viners followed or “Others”, as in those a user is not currently following. The messages can also be sent to friends who are not on Vine.

So far, the application has stood out for its simplicity in sending a clear, uncluttered video straight to fans without the bells and whistles of post editing. It has been set as more of a consumer platform rather than one for private messaging so I remain uncertain as to whether Vine Messages adds or detracts from the overall experience.

From a brand and/or popular viner perspective, the update brings strong opportunities to play with in terms of influencer programs and rewarding loyal fans.

Location Tips for Google Map Pokemon Challenge


Kudos to Google for a very creative April Fool’s.

They hid 150 Pokémons around the world on Google Maps and asked players to catch ‘em all. Winning prize is the chance to be “Pokemon Master” at Google. If only.

I am still trying to own this for bragging rights, here are a few locations I found with some help from friends and the internet. Because yes, I have nothing better to do.


  • Googleplex – there are loads there
  • USA – Staten Island/ Statue of Liberty/ Rockefeller Center
  • Switzerland, CERN – there are loads around that area
  • Brussels, Manneken Pis
  • Cambodia, Angor Wat
  • Syndey, Opera House (there are a few scattered around it)
  • France, Eiffel Tower/ Pont Des Arts/ Palais de Versailles/ Bastille/Louvre Museum
  • Italy, Milan/Vatican/ Colosseum
  • Egypt, Giza Pyramids/Sphinx/look through the Nile delta’s, there is one there
  • Peru, Macchu Pichu
  • Canada, Niagara Falls
  • Spain, Sagrada Familia
  • Rio, Christ The Redeemer
  • Scotland, Loch Ness Lake

And these:

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Can Instagram Be More Brand-Friendly? Please.


Wishful thinking on new features I hope Instagram will someday consider. It would be nice if the biggest platform to date focused on visual was a bit more brand friendly.

    Verified accounts would not hurt. In fact, they would make a lot of lives (or maybe just mine) a lot easier. If a brand is to rely solely on social media for account exposure, it becomes a real struggle to deal with all the fake profiles who look very, very real.
    It surprises me Instagram still does not have a Repost button. It is one of the more basic forms of interaction with a fan base. Instagram’s Help Center offers a little insight on the limitation saying reposts are not available to maintain correct ownership.

    I find that having a repost button that automatically adds the original owner’s username on the picture as a watermark is a good solution. Several secondary applications already function in that way, like Repost App.

    Memes and bitstrips have already demonstrated their popularity. From a brand’s perspective, they pay off in engagement and fan loyalty when done well.  It would be great if we were able to create a mini comic strips or memes through Instagram.
    There are so many possibilities to this. There could be pre-existing memes templates for users to customize, a “create your own” feature, a cartoon filter that can be applied to any image. Thought bubbles, graphics, text, custom frames can all be part of the options.

    In late 2013, when Instagram announced a big update was coming, I thought they were going to be launching new features closer to image creation rather than privacy settings which I have yet to use. Again, there are already applications like InstaFrame that have taken an early lead by allowing users to create image mash ups and captions.

JLT Tamweel Fire Update: How You Can Help


UPDATE  - 22nd of November

@TheJLTCommunity Update

Link: http://www.dmcc.ae/jltcommunity/

There’s been confirmation on zero casualties and no serious injuries but the building is completely charred on one side and all that remains on top is a metal outline of what was there.

According to The National, the residents of Tamweel Tower were allowed 10 minutes each today to visit their homes and collect their belongings. More details in the articles:

News report have yet to confirm the cause of the fire.


As a resident of JLT myself, I urge everyone living here to please come together as a community and help our neighbors out. There have been so many acts of kindness already from The Bonnington Hotel, Sheikh & Shake, Pets in the City, the residents who set up tea and cookie stalls and more. Let’s keep the love going.

If you’re on Twitter and want to help, please reach out to @TheJLTcommunity. They are trying to direct volunteers to the right place through the right steps. So far, they are suggesting emailing community@jlt.ae as a starting point.

The Jumeirah Lake Towers fire in Tamweel


Almost all of Dubai, or at least its Jumeirah Lake Towers residents, must have heard about yesterday’s fire in Tamweel Building, Cluster U by now. From someone who saw it first hand, it was as bad as the pictures suggest and worse.

Not the best picture quality but I tried

Tamweel burnt for over 5 hours straight. It’s right behind the building I live in so they evacuated us too for safety reasons. We had to stay outside from 2AM when the alarm first went off until 7 AM when the fire was more contained.

From downstairs in Cluster X, we could hear the fire crackling, there were ashes floating everywhere and these huge, flaming pieces of debris were falling off the building starting their own on-ground chaos. Different facades of the building were just bursting into flames.

A security guard mentioned to one of the residents here that an electricity short circuit combined with a gas container of some sort led to an explosion causing the fire, but there has not been any official news confirmation on that yet.

The police men did a fantastic job at keeping everyone within a safe distance of the fire. What had me a little confused was the firefighters’ course of action but I’m sure they know their job much better than I do.

I haven’t been able to find any report on whether or not all residents of Tamweel are safe and sound, but someone tweeted the below:

“Info from one of the tenants in the JLT building – everyone is evacuated & safe. They are letting the building burn out. #Dubai#uae

UPDATE: Official news sources have confirmed no casualties. 

What the building looked like at 6:30AM the next morning